Your Mind & How to Use It (E-book)





We can find any answer to any question by using our higher consciousness. And through these answers we can achieve any reality. Our higher consciousness is not our physical body. It is the "I" and the "WILL," and it can be used for anything we wish through deliberate focus. This higher consciousness gives us control over our outer reality and physical world. In 'The Mind and How to Use it,' William Atkinson teaches how to use the mind, master thoughts and take supreme control of your reality.  

Your Mind and How to Use It is a practical guide to the psychology and science of the mind. These self-help writings offer wisdom regarding consciousness, perception, mental states, imagination and memory, emotion, laws of thought and how the mind cooperates with the physical for manifestation.  William Walker Atkinson was a key contributor to the New Thought Movement, attributing his health, mental vigor and material prosperity and abundance to the application of its principles. In the author’s words, this book assists the reader to “Think about that which thinks.”