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Ultimate Manifestation Mastery - Complete Transformation Course

Ultimate Manifestation Mastery is for the Student who has tried it ALL without Success! In this

Life-Changing Total Transformation Course, I show you the exact ways to Create AUTOMATIC

SUCCESS & ABUNDANCE in any area of your life without frustration, stress, wasted time and

"efforting." This personal development course has my highest success rate at 98%!

(If you apply the processes, you WILL see radical, quick shifts like over 700 of my

other clients have - GUARANTEED!)

As Bonuses, My COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION Course Includes: 

  • Full Access to My Top Tier VIP Membership Program

  • My Private Support Forum (Personal Coaching)

  • My "Manifestation Action Plan" Workbook (PDF Version)

  • My 3-Step "Ultimate Creator" Process (PDF Version)

  • And My "Core Belief Reboot" Process (PDF Version)

  • 3 of My Most Powerful Manifestation Meditations (That Anyone Can Do!) 

It's the ULTIMATE Course not only because of the EXCLUSIVE processes that have been

meticulously created over the course of a decade, but also because it includes almost

everything else I have available to offer!

All of these bonus items are available separately and the Mini-Courses can be found below.

(No refunds offered for double purchases - Please see all available options prior to buying.)


To Get Started on your Manifestation Journey to Success...


Register for the Free MasterClass Training below so you can Learn How Manifestation 

Really Works & How to Stop Wondering What to do to Manifest Your Goals as a Reality. 

You'll walk away with some Powerful Tips to create more success in every area of your

life! (There's also an exclusive offer for this course at the end of the training.)



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My Other Courses  

Easy & POWERFUL Processes to Get You to the Next Level in Your Manifestation Journey! 




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My 'Reinvent YOURSELF' Course, Workbook & App (Self-Concept Program)

In this course, You'll Learn How to Change Your Personal Story, Reinvent Your Self-Image (Self-Concept) and Make a Commitment to Yourself that Installs an UNWAVERING Self-Confidence That NO ONE & NOTHING Can Resist! Reinventing Yourself  Means Changing the Way You View Yourself & the Outer World So You Create One Dynamic Experience After Another! 
When You BECOME  the Type of Person Who Automatically & Naturally Believes in Themselves,  Not Only Do You FEEL Great, But You LITERALLY Change EVERYTHING About Your Life Too!

With this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Create Your Inner World in Ways That AUTOMATICALLY SHIFT Your Outer World
  • Change Your Personal Story & Attract EXACTLY What You Want
  • Love & Value Yourself in UNSHAKABLE Ways
  • Reinforce The New YOU & Create ULTIMATE Self-Confidence
  • Find Evidence That Your New YOU & New LIFE is BECOMING Real
  • Step Into a New Version of YOU Each Morning & Evening with a New Routine
  • Create a Daily Commitment to Yourself That Subconsciously WIRES IN the New YOU
  • EFFORTLESSLY Track  Your Progress So You SEE The New YOU Coming Into Being


Includes Full 10 Step-by-Step Instructional Video Tutorials, a 40-Page Workbook with processes that work directly alongside the videos, 4 Guided Meditation tracks that will Powerfully impress your subconscious mind with Self-Value, Self-Love AND Self-Confidence and the 'Reinvent Yourself' Habit Tracker App with Meditations, Affirmations, Timers, Autofill Forms & Record-Your-Own-Audio features that will help you create SUCCESSFUL Habits that WIRE IN the New YOU!


(Total Value: $4,150) 

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My Personal Manifestation Action Plan Workbook

These are the exact processes I used to begin manifesting a life I love when I first started my "intentional" manifestation journey. I’ve designed this 5-Part Home-Study Course with some of my most powerful processes to help you clearly define your manifestation action plan and assist you in transforming every area of your life. This is for the person who wants to finetune their priorities in life, create a plan to make positive changes towards their goals and learn simple and practical ways to remain on track! I start by showing you how to outline your manifestation goals and then move you forward by teaching you how to create new strategies that you can apply for successful manifestation!

This workbook requires that you engage in the processes given, so it will be for the person who is really “serious” about manifesting intentionally!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to Define What You Want to Create

  • How to Make Positive Changes

  • How to Transform Your Thinking to Align with These Changes

  • How to Overcome Stumbling Blocks

  • How to Monitor Your Progress so You Can Make Adjustments if Needed 

The workbook comes with 19 easy-to-implement processes that will take you to the next level in your manifestation journey! (PDF Instant Access Download Workbook)


(Equivalent to 10 Private Coaching Sessions. Total Value: $1,500)

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My 3-Step "Ultimate Creator" Process

This Mini-Course will teach you how to take responsibility for creating your experience from the inside-out and show you how to reclaim your position as the one who creates your life experiences! (Includes 3 Videos and 2 worksheets)

Have you ever been to an exciting party? Or, watched a sad movie? Have you ever felt inspired by another person? Or, been happy because of a little extra money? The answer is NO, you haven’t. Each one of those qualities – excitement, sadness, inspiration and happiness are actually inside of you. They are not a part of the things you’re attributing them to and they do not come from an outside source. You’re the one experiencing the excitement, sadness, inspiration and happiness. In fact, biochemically speaking, you’re even the one creating those things on an internal level!

In this mini-course, you'll learn:

  • How to Take Responsibility for Your Experiences & Become the Intentional Creator of Your Life
  • How to "Rewrite the Story of Your Life" and Change What You Would Like to be Different

  • How to Let Go of Things That Are Taking Up Negative Space Within You

  • How to Perform Specific Thinking Patterns & Behaviors That Assist You In Achieving Your Goals

  • How to Replace Old Mental Imagery & Feeling States with Empowering Ones


(This Mini-Course pairs well with my "Core Belief Reboot Process and/or my "Negative Thought Buster" Method!) 

Includes Full PDF, 3 Videos, 2 "Breakthrough" Processes to Apply for Skill Development and a POWERFUL Visualization Process.


(Equivalent to 6 Private Coaching Sessions. Total Value: $900) 

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My "Core Belief Reboot" Process

Neuroscientists have confirmed that our beliefs dictate the way we perceive and experience the world. My core belief reboot process will show you how to eliminate core beliefs that block success and replace them with empowering beliefs that create positive perceptions and experiences!

A core belief is a general observation or principle about yourself, other people, certain groups of people, events, situations or the way that life generally works that you hold to be true most, or all of the time. If you want to see changes in your life and relationships, then you may need to change your perceptions and the way you interact with life, and your core beliefs are extremely influential regarding this! Core beliefs create a problem when they lead to consequences or outcomes that are unhelpful or undesired, or when they prevent you from manifesting a goal you have set for yourself. These powerful practices can have the ability to make a dynamic impact on your day-to-day perceptions, relationships and life in general! These powerful practices can have the ability to make a dynamic impact on your day-to-day experience of life!

In this Mini-Course, I teach you how to:

  • Identify, Evaluate & CHANGE Negative Core Beliefs that BLOCK Manifestations From Showing Up!

  • Influence Your Day-to-Day Perceptions, Relationships & Life in General

  • Break Repeating Patterns of Behavior that Block Success

  • Create New Beliefs That Open You to New Experiences & Possibilities!


(This Mini-Course pairs well with my 3-Step "Ultimate Creator" Process and/or my "Negative Thought Buster" Method!) 

Includes Full PDF Download, 3 Videos and 5 "Breakthrough" Processes to Apply for Skill Development.


(Equivalent to 8 Private Coaching Sessions. Total Value: $1,200)

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My "Negative Thought Buster" Method

Because our brains "get good" at what they do, they have a tendency to "default" to specific ways of thinking. The brain creates pathways through our thought patterns in order to conserve energy. Essentially, the thoughts we think wire the brain to become good at thinking those types of thoughts over and over again. If you find yourself with a habit of negative thinking, your brain will default to those types of thoughts most often & create an experience of life that corresponds with those thoughts. But you can always rewire your brain to think in dominantly positive ways in just the same way. And once you have the proper tools, you can do this effectively in record time!

Repeated negative thinking creates negative beliefs. And because beliefs create our perception (and therefore, the reality we experience), learning how to stop negative thoughts and think in positive ways is crucial to creating life in intentional ways!

This Mini-Course will teach you:

  • How to Stop Negative Thoughts in Their Tracks (7 Simple & Highly Effective Techniques)

  • How to Eliminate Repeating Negative Experiences

  • The 10 Ways the Brain Distorts Perception (How to Recognize It & CHANGE It!)

  • How to Transform a Negative Self-Image Into a Positive One


(This Mini-Course pairs well with my 3-Step "Ultimate Creator" Process and/or my "Core Belief Reboot" Process!) 

Includes Full PDF, 3 Videos and 3 "Breakthrough" Processes to Apply for Skill Development. 


(Equivalent to 5 Private Coaching Sessions. Total Value: $750)

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My Power Affirmation Meditation Pack

Five 8-Hour MP3 Downloads with distinct focuses designed to impress your subconscious mind. Each track includes both Subliminal and Non-Subliminal Impressions.

Limited Time Offer: 50% Off Regular Price 


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My Way to Awakening Meditation Pack

11 Mind-Expansion Meditations for Higher Consciousness Living. Each track has been designed to assist you in shedding the 'old self" and experiencing an inner rebirth.

Limited Time Offer: 50% Off Regular Price 


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My Abundance Activator Meditation Pack

10 'Abundance Magnet' Activating Meditations. Working together, these meditations have the ability to help you magnetize abundance in all forms into your life in rapid ways! 

Limited Time Offer: 50% Off Regular Price 


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My 'Next Level' Meditation Bundle

11 Individual Meditation MP3 Downloads. Each meditation is created with its own distinct focus designed to ADVANCE you to a New Level of Manifestation!  

Limited Time Offer: 50% Off Regular Price 


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My Meditation Super Pack

4 Meditation Packs with a Total of 37 Life-Changing Meditations! 

The Packs Include:

The Power Affirmations Pack

The 'Next Level' Breakthrough Bundle

The Way to Awakening Meditation Collection

The 'Abundance Activator' Mega Meditation Pack

Instant Access to All Meditations. This Super Pack Offers You An Additional 15% Savings on the Already Discounted Meditations.(A Total Savings of 65% OFF!)



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My Mini-Course Super Pack

4 Mini-Courses with a Total of 38 Powerful Techniques & Processes That Will Transform Your Life!

The Mini-Courses Include:

My Personal Manifestation Action Plan

My Core Belief Reboot Process

My 'Ultimate Creator' 3-Step Process

My 'Negative Thought Buster' Method

Instant Access to All Course Material & Techniques. This Super Pack Offers You an Additional 15% Savings on the Already Discounted Course Material. (Total Value = $4,350, Giving You a Savings of Over $4,000!)


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