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With over 900,00 strong in our community, and over 100 MILLION Views, the Your Youniverse Channel continues to grow more each and every day. And I couldn't be more thrilled! It shows me just how many people want to take conscious control of their lives, and as you probably know by now, I'm pretty passionate about that!

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        With over 650 videos to watch, you'll never be bored! I add videos weekly (usually on Mondays) and welcome all subscribers who are ready to make positive changes in their life! (You'll find some of my most popular videos a little further down this page.)  


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Below you'll find a combination of free content in the forms of videos, meditations, PDF downloads and even a free MP3 from time to time. This content varies and is subject to change and/or be removed. 


When we learn how to communicate with the universe and feel our way to a new reality, we can attract what we want in an effortless way. Following is a daily gratitude script you can listen to or read to yourself each morning and evening to create an abundant life. In doing so with consistency, you tell the Universe how your life unfolds and can experience the magic that manifests because of that. With this simple practice, you can literally change your life in dynamic ways. As you listen to the words, or say them to yourself, try to really feel how they feel and embody the truth and experience of them. (Free PDF Download Inside)


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Manifesting is bringing into form that which is unseen. It begins on the mental, spiritual and energetic realm. In my coaching practice, I find that many people attempt to manifest what they want from the physical plane, causing effort. But when you learn how the law of attraction works in regards to manifestation, and that you can tap into your mind power, it becomes much easier to grasp mental manifestation techniques such as affirmations and meditations and to allow the unseen realms to be the source of creating life intentionally. Your mindset has everything to do with your manifestations! Download the PDF Affirmation Inside!


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Divine healing codes are a quantum tool used for healing. In other words, they change reality on a quantum level. The basic premise of divine healing codes is that numbers are nature’s way of communicating and that everything can be explained with numbers. For example, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers is a geometrical proportion that is found everywhere in nature, from how flowers grow to the shape of the universe. (Free PDF Download Inside)


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On the download page is a calendar that you can print out for the 30-Day Butterfly Effect Challenge. Write down several small things that you can start doing today (and each day for 30 days) that will have a positive effect on you or someone else. Then commit to following through with those actions. As you complete your daily changes, place a check mark or an “X” on the corresponding day on the chart.


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“I AM” Positive Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration & Program Your Mind to Manifest Miracles! “I AM” is an important component of manifesting with the law of attraction! This meditation has over 1,200 affirmation impressions (both subliminal and non-subliminal) to program your mind to raise your vibration (vibrational frequency) and build your belief in manifesting miracles! (Free MP3 Audio Download Inside)


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Hidden, limiting beliefs are merely something agreed to long ago that has generally been forgotten about. They hold us back from becoming who we want to be. And it’s rare that we remember we made an agreement about something in our past that blocks our current manifestation efforts.

But these types of beliefs can sabotage our efforts towards our desires because the mind will always drive us towards what it believes to be true (even those things that align with limiting beliefs). And our beliefs are the lens through which we experience the world.


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We each have ideas and beliefs regarding what we are capable of accomplishing in our lives. Some of those ideas simply float around as “hopes” and “wishes” in the conscious mind. Others are deeply rooted within the subconscious mind and are rarely questioned. But one thing is certain, if the conscious “hopes and “wishes” do not become beliefs that the subconscious mind can work with, it will be very difficult for those things to become manifest.


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Everything we do and create in our lives begins in our minds. Through the use of our imagination, we form ideas, images and concepts. Our ability to see things before they show up in physical form is what drives and enables us to work towards the manifestation of our goals. And science shows that the better we visualize the future we are creating, the better the chances are that we will experience that as our physical reality.


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For some, the act of visualizing what is wanted may make them feel as though nothing has really happened; as though they haven’t really connected with, or created their desire. This happens when we see a scene in our minds from the vantage point of “getting there,” rather than already BEING there.


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Our inner critic sometimes tries to stop us from achieving our goals or even making the attempt to change at all. It prefers to work with known variables, even if they produce negative results. So in order to have things remain the same, this inner critic may point out to you all of the ways it thinks you’ve been unsuccessful in the past and all of the ways you might be unsuccessful in the future. And this is what stops many people from pushing themselves into a new reality that aligns with what they truly want.


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What we do within our mental constructs holds the key to any and everything we manifest in our lives. Every thought we have leads us to a feeling. And every feeling we have makes us move either away from or towards our dreams. Feelings either motivate us, or they cause us to procrastinate, or even totally put off something that might help us achieve what we really want. From the feeling, every action we do, or don’t do, leads us to a result.


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Using the law of attraction for specific manifestations is all about aligning yourself with your desired intentions and then taking the necessary steps to bring those desired intentions into your physical reality. We are always manifesting things in our lives, even when we are not consciously aware of it. Every thought we have and every emotion we experience sends an energetic message out into the universe about our intentions.


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Well-being and contentment are a part of our essential nature. Attempting to capture these feelings from the outer world is counter-productive to producing the results desired in manifestation. This is not because happiness is something that we can’t have; it’s because happiness is something that is already a part of who we are, and we can decide to be happy in any moment.


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Global Peace Meditation for Healing, Awakening, Ascension and Ushering in Higher Frequencies. The goal of this meditation is to have as many people as possible assist in recharging and revitalizing the spiritual heart of the planet during The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, 2020. Please share so others may join! (Free MP3 Audio Download Inside)


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Whether you use the term Law of Attraction, or not, the basic premise of creating a life by design still stands true. And science has proven that this is the case. Scientists are now able to explain the complexities of the human brain and body in ways they’ve never done before. This is because new technologies are evolving that provide revolutionary opportunities to study neuroanatomy.


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