On the download page is a calendar that you can print out for the 30-Day Butterfly Effect Challenge. Write down several small things that you can start doing today (and each day for 30 days) that will have a positive effect on you or someone else. Then commit to following through with those actions. As you complete your daily changes, place a check mark or an “X” on the corresponding day on the chart.

Some examples are:

1. Smile at everyone you meet all day long.

2. Commit to turning every thought that comes into your mind into a positive one.

3. Decide to give compliments to others.

4. Be grateful for everything you encounter (even finding the opportunity and goodness in things you don’t like).

5.Choose to wake up a few minutes earlier each day to work on something you’re passionate about. 

6. Take daily walks.

7.Listen intently when others talk (even when you have something you really want to say).

8. Choose to let go of being “right” in your daily interactions.

9. Meditate for 10 minutes (or more).

10. Buy someone a cup of coffee. 


Download Your 30-Day "Butterfly Effect" Calendar Here










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