My Personal Manifestation Action Plan




My Personal Manifestation Action Plan Workbook


(This Workbook is included with my Ultimate Manifestation Mastery Course. If you would like to learn more about the Mastery Course, please click here.)

These are the exact processes I used to begin manifesting a life I love when I first started my "intentional" manifestation journey. I’ve designed this 5-Part Home-Study Course with some of my most powerful processes to help you clearly define your manifestation action plan and assist you in transforming every area of your life. This is for the person who wants to finetune their priorities in life, create a plan to make positive changes towards their goals and learn simple and practical ways to remain on track! I start by showing you how to outline your manifestation goals and then move you forward by teaching you how to create new strategies that you can apply for successful manifestation!

This workbook requires that you engage in the processes given, so it will be for the person who is really “serious” about manifesting intentionally!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to Define What You Want to Create

  • How to Make Positive Changes

  • How to Transform Your Thinking to Align with These Changes

  • How to Overcome Stumbling Blocks

  • How to Monitor Your Progress so You Can Make Adjustments if Needed 

The workbook comes with 20 easy-to-implement processes that will take you to the next level in your manifestation journey! (PDF Instant Access Download Workbook)


(Equivalent to 10 Private Coaching Sessions. Total Value: $1,500)

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