Sacred Secretion Activation - “Activate the Seed” Guided Meditation (Pineal Gland Activation/Kundalini Awakening)




In many spiritual traditions there is a sacred secret that is associated with the concept of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and awakening the kundalini energy. Although this sacred secret is known by different names within different spiritual practices, it is commonly referred to as the "sacred secretion" or “pineal gland activation”. It is also known as "raising the chrism" and "spiritual rebirth".
By popular request, this is the seed activation guided meditation mentioned in my video regarding the "sacred secretion". If you are unfamiliar with this process, I recommend watching this video and this video first to understand more about it.
This activation has been combined with an alpha wave musical track to induce feelings of calm, increase creativity and enhance your ability to absorb new information.
All of our meditations have a bit rate of 320kbps. 
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