Manifest Miracles While You Sleep Music & Affirmations with 528 Hz Miracle Tone Frequency Music (8-Hour Track)




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Using the 528Hz frequency for the tuning of the music, and “I AM” affirmations specifically designed for manifestation (and to elevate your vibration), this 8-Hour law of attraction meditation will assist you in increasing your belief in your ability to begin manifesting miracles in your life while simultaneously raising your overall vibrational frequency!

The “manifest miracles” affirmations will deeply permeate your subconscious mind with both subliminal and non-subliminal suggestions that strongly infuse it with your power to create Abundance, Happiness, Peace & Joy Easily and Effortlessly!

528 Hz, known as the “Miracle Tone” has been shown to assist in elevating the vibration and promoting a calm and confident state. The affirmations move from ear to ear and back to center to strongly infuse the messages. You can listen to this 528hz meditation music and affirmations while you sleep, or run it in the background as you move through your daily routine to manifest miracles in your life!

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