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Using the law of attraction for specific manifestations is all about aligning yourself with your desired intentions and then taking the necessary steps to bring those desired intentions into your physical reality. We are always manifesting things in our lives, even when we are not consciously aware of it. Every thought we have and every emotion we experience sends an energetic message out into the universe about our intentions.

There’s nothing really miraculous about manifestation. It’s simply a process that requires a little understanding because is reliant upon the correct balance of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors, or our total energetic signature. Positive thinking alone will not necessarily create something specific in a person’s life. All parts of an individual must be in alignment for ease in manifestation, including the subconscious level desires.

One way to begin to understand how to align with the things we want is by viewing our desired intentions from a new perspective. You can do this by thinking of the thing you want as having terms and agreements that must be met in order for you to have the physical experience of it. These are the energetic frequencies required from you to proceed with the manifestation. In other words, your intention requires the corresponding energetic signature for it to become a part of your reality.

This energetic signature includes thinking in specific ways, believing and expecting certain things, acting and behaving in a particular way and even determining what you must give up or sacrifice. Every intention holds specific requirements. So, ultimately, manifestation is about experiencing balance and congruence within yourself on every level possible to become a match to your preferred reality. In order to manifest the outcome you want in your life, you must first become the person that meets the criteria for that.

Here’s a process to assist you in experiencing that type of balance through your mind and emotions, and in turn, your energetic signature. This will also help your subconscious mind establish a firm belief in your ability to manifest your desired intention based on the feeling states that will be created by using it.

The first step is to ask yourself what it is that you want to ultimately achieve.

You may think it is a career, a relationship or more money, but what will having this thing mean for you? What we’re going for is: What feeling will it offer you once you have it?

Take a few moments to trace this manifestation back to the feeling, or the actual reason you want it. Once you know the answer to this, you may want to label that feeling. For example, it might be excitement, love or freedom. It’s important to really feel this for a moment and then tell yourself to memorize that feeling. And once you have done this, set that to the side for just a couple of minutes.

The next question, and a very important one is:

Who do you seek to become as a result of having this manifestation?

What kind of person has this in their life?

And what character traits and behaviors would you need to develop to match that type of person?

If you find it difficult to answer these questions, imagine you are limitless, and then ask yourself what you could achieve without limitations?

This will assist you in viewing this manifestation from the future perspective of having your desired reality and matching the type of person who has it. What does it feel like when you do this? What feelings relate to the type of person who has this thing? Again, you may wish to label this feeling. For example, confident, satisfied or accomplished. Try to choose a different feeling than you did before. And again, tell yourself to memorize this feeling for just a moment and then set it aside temporarily.

Next, imagine something that gives you an immense sense of gratitude and keep that in mind for a few moments. If you can’t think of something that matches this, imagine something you would like to have that would bring you the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is the emotional signature of already having an experience. As you do this, it is important to focus on the feeling and embody the sensation of it.

Once you have this feeling of gratitude and have allowed yourself to embody that for a few moments, introduce the feeling you memorized when thinking of your manifestation. What was the feeling you memorized when thinking of what this manifestation will offer you?

Hold both the feeling of gratitude and this other feeling together for just a moment. Once you feel as though you have both of these feelings intermingling around within you, introduce the feeling you memorized that relates to being the type of person who has this manifestation.

You are now focusing on three different sensations.

This may take a little practice, but attempt to use your conscious awareness to maintain all three.

And once you have all three of them swirling around in your body, introduce the image of your manifestation again and hold these things in place as long as you’re able. If you are unable to maintain all of these things at once, use your feeling of gratitude individually with the other feelings you’ve set aside and attempt to add your image with each. In this way, you are associating your desired intention with the thoughts, feelings and consciousness necessary to become a match to it.

You are becoming the energetic signature required to attract this thing into your life.  

Now, label this combined, feeling-based signature – whatever you want to call it.

It could be as simple as “My manifested intention.” And write that label down where you will see it several times per day. Your brain and body will remember what this label means and assist you in creating that signature each time you see this label.

Keep in mind that creating internal change in this way takes repetition. You’ll also get better at introducing all four of these things with practice. Set the intention to repeat this exercise daily, even if for just a few minutes.

Remember that energy is always seeking balance. The energy you project out into the world with your thoughts and emotions is returned to you in the same form. And the way you are conditioned at an unconscious level of awareness is what actually matters most.There must, therefore, be alignment and congruence between your conscious intentions and subconscious desires. If congruence doesn’t exist, then your subconscious desires will always take preference.

By using this process, you teach the body, and therefore the subconscious mind, to experience new sensations. It can then create new neural networks that physically and automatically move you into new paths that line you up with your desires. In doing so, you decrease the importance placed on the external world and begin to embrace the internal world as the source of what comes into your life!
























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