Law Of Attraction - Activate Your Higher Mind for Success


How you see yourself each day of your life reflects how your life is progressing or regressing. In your mind, each moment, your thinking and awareness are making or breaking what your life is and/or can be. In the activity of your mind is the image you have of yourself. That image impresses upon your subconscious mind psychologically, and either gears it for success and happiness, or for failure and frustration.

In your mind each day are thoughts and awareness that impress the magnetic part of the mind, radiating out those thoughts to others and attracting back the likeness of those thoughts. Those same thoughts correspond to emotional energies that discharge themselves through your vibrational field daily. They either make your company more attractive to positive people that can enhance your life, or repel them and attract people that have the potential to do the opposite. In other words, your thoughts and awareness in your mind ripple into the Universal Mind and either enhance or detract from your life according to the nature of your thoughts and awareness.

Each and every thought, stimulating each and every emotion you are capable of, are the building blocks that your self-image is constructed upon. The primary lesson here is to add positive energy to all levels of your mind: Psychologically, psychically, and spiritually. This process helps you see yourself in a more positive light and extinguish any unhappiness or discouragement. The impressing of, or “picturing” upon the mind adds to the vision you choose to hold of yourself and can be multiplied many times over through constant use. 

Activity Visualization is practicing visualization not just a few minutes a day, but using every activity of one’s day as a stimulus for visualization. This greatly increases its effect and use. When you visualize, you are individualizing the Universal process of creation. Another way of expressing this is: We create by what we see in our own minds.

Program these affirmations into your subconscious mind each day while in a light state of meditation. When visualizing, using your imagination is also just as satisfactory as meditation. You may also choose to write these on a note card to read to yourself throughout your day whenever you have a break.

Throughout each moment of each day of my life, I constantly, whether consciously or subconsciously, visualize myself as a person who thinks, acts, and feels as someone who is successful in creating exactly what I choose.      

Throughout each moment of each day of my life, in everything I am doing, I visualize it as being done by the Higher Self and Universal Mind that works through me.

Throughout each moment of each day of my life, every time I see a person who knows confidence, security and abundance in their life, I will see myself in my own mind as a person who is experiencing the same confidence, security and abundance in my life.

Next, use this Meditational Treatment each day. Close your eyes and direct your consciousness into a light state of meditation. Take as long as you need to get into this state. Open your eyes to read each of the programming suggestions given; then, close your eyes and repeat each of the phrases three times within your mind. Pause between each affirmation and attempt to “feel” that each is true, even if outer conditions seem to indicate the contrary at the moment. 

My conscious mind sends love to the Higher Mind within me.

My conscious mind now identifies completely with the Higher extensions of Itself.

I am One with Universal Consciousness and the Greater Intelligence of Nature within my mind and body.

I am One with Abundant Prosperity and Financial Supply, Immediately, Now & Eternally.

I am One with Perfect Health throughout my body, Immediately, Now & Eternally.

I am One with Perfect Fulfillment in my chosen life, Immediately, Now & Eternally.

I am One with Perfect Love (personal, family, spiritual and all) in my life, Immediately, Now & Eternally.

I am One with Peace and Serenity in my body, life, and consciousness, Immediately, Now & Eternally.

I am One with Higher Wisdom and Awareness, Immediately, Now & Eternally.

I knock upon the door of the Higher Kingdom of Consciousness within me – let it open to me now.

For all of my Oneness – through the power of the Higher Universal Mind and Healing Intelligence in my body, I give thanks.

Success is natural in the course of life. The Universe is constantly moving forward towards perfection in all aspects, which indicates success within Itself. This can be seen in the very nature and evolution of life itself. You are an intricate part of this course, and in fact, cannot be separated from it. When you realize that this success mechanism is an innate part of who you are and allow it to work with and for you, the possibilities are limitless!











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