The "Remember When" LOA Game

The "Remember When" Game


This technique is perfect to swiftly shift your mindset into a new place. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something real and something imagined. Through tricking your brain with this exercise, it recalls an imagined circumstance as something that has already occurred. This creates it as a solid fact, or a belief in the actuality of it. 

Step 1

Choose something you’d like to change about your life. 


Step 2

Begin to visualize your life with this change in the NOW. Take the time to put yourself directly into the scene of this new creation.  Gather all of the feeling sensations you can to match the reality of your new change.


Step 3

Once you’ve accomplished this, imagine that you are talking with a friend. Tell this friend how you remember the way your life used to be before this change. Recall it as something from the past. Ask your friend if they “remember when” (fill in the blank).


Example:  “Do you remember when I used to live in that old apartment building? I remember living there before moving into my beautiful new house.  Maybe I’ll drive by that old apartment building one of these days just to see what it looks like now. I love my new home and neighborhood so much. I almost can’t believe I used to live in that apartment. My life has changed so much since then.”

By looking at a current situation as something that happened in the past, you tell your mind that you have moved on to better things. The more you practice this exercise, the more your mind will understand the change as fact and go to work to create it for you. If the subconscious establishes a belief that something has already happened, (in this case, a new reality of your choosing) it will quickly attempt to validate it as true. In other words, it will manifest the details that match it in order to provide evidence to support the event as something that previously occurred.



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